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Nutrition for Seniors

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.
― Hippocrates, “Father of Medicine”

March is the time to stop and open the refrigerator.

Good nutrition is vital at every stage of life, but as you age, staying well-nourished is even more important! During National Nutrition Month, take a good hard look at your eating habits, preferences and ask yourself, “have I been eating healthy lately?”

If not, we have some helpful tips to get you on the right track.

Easy Tips

  • Tip 1 – As soon as you get up, grab and quench a glass of water!

Drinking two or three glasses of water right when you wake up is a great way to way to rehydrate your body quickly. It helps you with moving the lower bowels for regularity in the mornings, maintaining optimal brain activity, and flush out all the toxins that stores in your body overnight.

  • Tip 2 – Be wary of nutrition bars

Some of these health bars also pack a similar nutritional punch as a traditional candy bar. Do not allow yourself to be fooled! Read the label and check out what is going into these products before you snack on them daily.

  • Tip 3 – Eat Fruit in Moderation

While fruit is an excellent source of fiber and natural sugar, some people tend to go overboard and overeat. Rather than ditching fruit altogether, try pairing one piece of fruit with almond butter, nuts or a source of lean protein.

  • Tip 4 – Try an oral nutritional supplement

Supplements have protein, calories, and vital nutrients that can help provide complete and balanced nutrition for individuals at any stage of life.

While many of us may have adjusted our diets at the start of the New Year, after a few months the determination to stay on track with nutrition begins to fade. If you’d like more information on healthy living and senior nutrition, please visit the National Council on Aging.

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