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Are you or your loved one in need of in-house services?
Have you started exploring different assisted living communities?

One of the most valuable things that in-house medical services can offer your family member is a new monitoring technology that is used in some senior residences to track residents’ care habits and activities.

Seniors who live alone often experience social isolation and poor nutrition which contributes to cognitive decline, health problems, depression and a lower quality of life. New monitoring technology helps alert staff to changes in residents’ health and makes it easier for caregivers to anticipate residents’ needs.

Here are some benefits of in-house medical services:

  • Physical and medical needs. As your loved one ages, they may need some help with physical needs, including activities of daily living – ADLs – (bathing, grooming, medication management, etc.). Or they may need increasing help with specific medical issues.


  • Financial needs. Modifying their home and long-term medical care can both be expensive. Making a budget with anticipated expenses can help you and them weigh the pros and cons of their situation.


  • Location and accessibility. Even if your loved ones are completely independent at this time, circumstances can change. It pays to think a little about their current situation and the availability of their existing home. For example, how far is their home from shopping, medical facilities, or other services? If they can no longer drive, what kind of transportation access will they have?


  • Social and emotional needs. As people age, their social networks may change. Friends or family may not be as close by, or neighbors may move or pass on. They may no longer be able to continue driving or have access to public transportation to meet up with family and friends. Or they may want to try different social outings.


Compassionate care for our residents is our priority with an emphasis on integrity, empathy, and service to enhance our residents’ lives and communities in every way. For more information about our different senior living communities and in-house medical services visit Guest Services Senior Living.

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